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Update on DG One works

DG One Leisure Complex has been closed since 6 October 2014 so that remedial works to rectify defects could commence. As part of the process, the Council appointed Independent Technical Experts who have been able to undertake more intrusive investigations.

Since the closure the Council has been provided with more information that highlights that the issues with DG One are more serious than initially thought. It is going to take longer to address the issues with the building than we originally anticipated, however Dumfries and Galloway Council is committed to reinstating DG One as a flagship facility.

Therefore, DG One will remain closed until the defects with the building have been rectified.

Your questions answered

How long is DG One going to be closed for?

The remedial works to the building will take 18 months once work starts.

What has been happening since the closure on 6 October 2014?

Since the facility was closed on 6 October 2014, Independent Technical Experts have been carrying out further site investigations. These investigations could only have been carried out whilst the facility was empty. These investigations are now complete.

Why is the closure going to be longer than originally advertised?

These investigations, which included emptying the pool tanks and exposing steel reinforcement, have taken longer than expected because of the nature of what has been found. The results of these further expert investigations have shown that the nature and extent of the defects within DG One are even worse than originally thought.

The works contract has to comply with all relevant procurement legislation which will result in the works not starting until autumn 2015.

Who is at fault for the issues at DG One?

Kier Construction Limited accepted the responsibility for providing a building which had to meet certain specific standards. A number of these standards were clearly not achieved by Kier. We remain of the view that Kier are fully responsible for the defects within a building that is only 7 years old. We have the very best independent experts and legal team supporting the claim against Kier Construction Limited and we will endeavour to reclaim all associated costs.

Are you going to continue to provide alternative facilities?

Yes. Customers have told us that they are enjoying using DG One at the Loreburn Hall and the DG One Swimming at Dumfries Ice Bowl. We will continue to provide these alternative facilities whilst the remedial works to DG One are being carried out.

What will happen to my membership?

There will be no changes to memberships although we are continually reviewing the membership categories and may be offering exciting new membership options later this year.

Will my Fitness membership fee increase to cover the costs?

No. We have taken the decision to freeze all Profiles Plus membership Fees in all our facilities throughout the region.

What is wrong with DG One?

There are a number of defects that have been identified with DG One. Given the legal nature of the case against Kier Construction Ltd the detail of the defects cannot be fully divulged at this time.

How much will it cost to rectify the defects?

We will not fully know the cost to rectify the defects to DG One until tenders are received from companies.

Who will be paying for the repairs to DG One?

Dumfries and Galloway Council are therefore continuing with their legal proceedings against Kier in order to ensure that the costs associated with the closure and remedial works are recovered.

Will Kier Construction be able to tender for the works?

No. As we are in a legal dispute with Kier Construction Limited, they will not qualify to carry out the remedial works.

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